Hi My Name is Vanessa Webb
I'm an artist
I'm Also
a website developer...
And a Graphic Designer.
Welcome To My Site!

A Little Bit About Me

I graduated from James Madison University in December 2014.  Since then I have been working as a Front-End Developer and Graphic Designer in Washington D.C.  When I’m not in the office I’m either working on Artwork or Freelance Projects.

I specialize in

Fine Art
Fine Art
My passion in life is painting and drawing. I use oil paints for my paintings and mixed media (acrylic paints, pastels, graphite, color pencils etc) for my drawings. In addition to painting and drawing, I enjoy learning new specialities such as photography and fiber arts.
Website Development
Website Development
I'm a very visual person, that's how I make sense of the world. As a front-end developer I code like a designer, I enjoy making things visually appealing and making something out of nothing. In addition I strive to learn how to make my websites more interactive and dynamic by learning more back-end developing skills.
I produce graphic design either organically or through the creative cloud. Design (good or bad) is all around us, I believe visually appealing design is one of the most valuable things you can provide the world. When it comes to web developing, aesthetic design is the most important thing to me. Good design provides a good user experience, a strong presence and a consistent brand.


Website development

Responsive Design

Clean design that responds to the device size and provides a good user experience.


For each project there are mockups created and revised based on the client’s preferences and overall brand.

Web Development


Interactive and customizable themes built based on the client’s wants/needs.

Graphic Design and Photography

Additional services are available in order to deliver the best online presence possible.



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